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Here will be build the manual of the MoRE-software.

At the moment please use the PDF-Version, which is available on request.

Please visit this site later again.

Table of contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Model development
1.2 Current applications of MoRE
1.3 Licensing
1.4 Structure of this manual

2 Implementation of MoRE

2.1 System requirements
2.2 Model architecture and technical implementation of MoRE
2.2.1 The MoRE calculation engine
2.2.2 The MoRE database
2.2.3 The MoRE graphical user interfaces
2.3 Details on the data management on the MoRE Server
2.4 Advantages of the MoRE System

3 MoRE Developer

3.1 Launch MoRE Developer
3.1.1 MoRE postgreSQL
3.1.2 MoRE SQLite
3.1.3 Reading and writing mode
3.2 Design of the MoRE Developer GUI
3.2.1 Object tables
3.2.2 Data grid
3.2.3 Attribute window
3.2.4 Structure window
3.2.5 MoRE Developer toolbars
3.3 Implementation of input data and modeling approaches
3.3.1 Implementing other spatial basis for the modeling
3.3.2 Create new data records
3.3.3 Implementing new input data in MoRE
3.3.4 Implementation of new modeling approaches
3.4 Generate and export results
3.4.1 Execute calculations in MoRE
3.4.2 Export results
3.4.3 Show results in result sets
3.5 Modeling with variants in MoRE
3.5.1 Variants of input data: Variant manager in MoRE
3.5.2 Approach variants
3.5.3 Result comparison
3.5.4 Advantages of the variant calculations
3.6 Representation of measures in emission modeling
3.6.1 Concept of measure calculations
3.6.2 Example of a change in approaches
3.6.3 Steps necessary for measure modeling
3.7 Aggregation of emissions on the basis of planning units
3.8 Groundwater transfer
3.8.1 Implementation of metadata and input data
3.8.2 Calculations with groundwater transfer
3.9 Result validation with observed river loads
3.9.1 Structure of the validation module
3.9.2 Discharge data
3.9.3 Water quality data
3.9.4 Calculation of observed river loads
3.9.5 Validation of the results
3.10 Documentation
3.10.1 Object table primary data set
3.10.2 Object table input data
3.10.3 References
3.10.4 Changes
3.10.5 Georeference systems
3.10.6 Selection fields
3.11 Tools of MoRE Developer
3.11.1 Finding data records
3.11.2 Change data records
3.11.3 Delete data records
3.11.4 Export of data records
3.11.5 Statistical analysis of input data
3.11.6 Statistical analysis of final results
3.11.7 Transparency and traceability
3.11.8 Attachment of files (flow charts)
3.11.9 Customizing the interface
3.11.10 Exporting a data base and creating a SQLite version of MoRE
3.11.11 Customize the setting for the Visualizer

4 MoRE Visualizer

4.1 Access and login
4.2 Menu navigation and interface
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Main menu
4.2.3 Map display
4.2.4 Status bar
4.3 Task window
4.3.1 Display and properties
4.3.2 Analysis display
4.3.3 Annotations
4.3.4 Print

5 Appendix

5.1 Nomenclature of the variables
5.2 Nomenclature of calculation steps, algorithms and algorithm stacks
5.3 Computational functions
5.3.1 Parser tasks
5.3.2 Special MoRE functions
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